Fwheet is the sound your fingers make when whistling for a taxi


Fwheet Central Dispatch is a multi-communication system that goes across taxi lines and territory to provide service to the public as a team. Fwheet Drivers are partners that have had federal background checks, signed a reliability agreement, and receive orders through various communication methods on their Fwheet Driver App.  Their app can connect to the meter replacing the rear seat credit card system to receive the meter fare.

If you are a passenger that needs more than Uber’s 4 options, download Fwheet Passenger here!


A $2 dispatch fee will be added to all Fwheet Central Dispatch orders. You can also order via the following:

    1. Book Now Portal – Click here to order on this website.
    2. Corporate Portal – businesses may login to a special web portal to arrange and pay for cab service for their delivery needs, clients, and VIPs, and view history. Contact us to setup a login account.
    3. Request service through an On-Demand Dispatcher (ODD). An ODD is a commissioned partner in the hospitality industry that uses his Fwheet ODD App to get cab service for his patrons.
    4. Call (504) 522-9059 – to have a commissioned Stay-At-Home Dispatcher enter your service request.

Other Info:

  • New Orleans Taxi Complaints or Lost and Found Call 504-658-7189 or 888-908-4869
  • New Orleans Taxi Rates – for the City of New Orleans regulated rates for taxi fares.
  • Post-ride Credit Card Payment – to pay a driver after the service was provided, use this payment screen. Use your printed receipt to provide the trip #, cab #, driver name and any other description to help us credit the driver properly. Also fill in your address, phone and email details so we may contact you with questions.