The Taxi Guardian is also a taxi industry community center that features industry information in the following format:

  1. Secondary Menu – The very top, gray navigational bar that features links related to regulation compliance, driver professionalism, and vehicle operational costs and advise.
  2. Primary Menu – Yellow menu bar below the header provides links to Taxi Guardian services and all the editorial and external posts within the site. Also the access point for city government PIMS. Left Sidebar menu is on the far right clickable to a flyout menu on the left that lists categories for posts.
  3. Right sidebar
    1. Search – allows visitors to find specific information
    2. Featured Posts – Articles we hope visitors read
    3. Categories – all posts are categorized into a few topics. Clicking on a category lists posts associated with it
    4. Day of Interest – Selecting a day shows posts for that day
    5. Archives – are editorial and external posts by past months
  4. Footer – the last 3 recent posts
  5. Links you already visited are gold; the ones you have not are blue

All pages and posts offer the ability for the public to make comment, however, Taxi Guardian does reserve the right to make judgement on civility and unapprove a post.