Be A Fwheet Taxi Driver

 How does the App work?

1. Download the app



2. Connect to the meter (Optional)

Fwheet is like connecting an Uber driver’s app to a meter to become a taxi driver and gets rid of the need to have a rear seat credit card system. It allows payment from stored credit card, swiped credit card, and cash. It creates an electronic trip sheet and accepts reservations. Reservations are added to your phone’s resident calendar.

3. Start getting orders

Orders are sent to the Fwheet Driver App by On-Demand Dispatchers in the hospitality industry, corporate accounts, the passenger app, this website, and eventually through Stay-At-Home Dispatchers. A $2 dispatch fee will be added to the fare. Drivers collect the fee for Fwheet and Fwheet charges the fee to the driver’s credit card to collect it back.

Ready To Get Started?

  • Read our Fwheet Driver App Terms of Service
  • Come to our office to sign the Fwheet Driver App Payment Authorization: 1018 Central Ave, Suite 102, Metairie, LA 70001 (504) 522-9059
  • Or fill out the form below to be contacted

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