Earn $1 Per Taxi Referral as an ODD


At your desk or amongst a crowd, you can easily and quickly place an order on the Fwheet On-Demand Dispatch (ODD) smartphone app  to hail a taxi for your patrons. It works just like popular ride share apps, but the order dispatches to the nearest Fwheet taxi across multiple taxi lines. You are able to contact both the driver and the passenger to manage the order, if necessary.

A $2 fee is added to the passenger order and $1 is credited to your account at the end of the trip for each successful transport and collected passenger fare payment. The money is automatically deposited into your bank account weekly.

How to get started?

  1. Contact us at (504) 522-9059 x4, visit our office at 1018 Central Ave, Suite 102, Metairie, LA 70001, or submit the form below so we can contact you.
  2. You will need to agree to the ODD Terms of Service and fill out a Payment Authorization form.
  3. Then you will download the appropriate app for your smartphone so you can get started.




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