This page provides instructions to the first release of PIMS for the Fwheet Driver App by Taxi Guardian.

  1. Temporary interface for PIMS
    1. DRIVERS
      1. in the “search here” box on the right upper side of the table, you can search by NAME, DRIVERS LICENSE, DRIVERS PERMIT, or CPNC NUMBER/PLATE.  You can click on the row to zoom into the driver’s record to get his details.
        1. Drivers Record Detail
          • Contact Info
          • For Inspector – this can eventually be used to upload perhaps a driver resume with a link to it with notes, perhaps for a city website the provides info about the driver passengers may want to know about.
          • Active – indicates as such
          • Bank Account – you will never see this info
          • Upload Document – city hall/Fwheet can upload the drivers license, W9 for taxes, and any other document that needs to be associated with the driver.
          • Operation – indicates which taxi line driver works for, and what car the driver is associated with.
      2. Add – Add a driver to the system (They must be approved by billing)
      3. Activate – Enable a driver to use his Fwheet Driver App. When a driver logs out of the Fwheet Driver App, his meter is automatically disabled. He must login to the app in order to get his meter to work.
      4. Deactivate – Disable a driver from using his Fwheet Driver App and meter.
      5. Delete – Remove the driver from the Fwheet system
      6. Send Message – Send any driver an email or text message individually or in groups: by taxi line, status, or device type.
    2. REPORTS – you can download any report in excel format. All filters on time span, taxi line, specific driver, and payment method.
      1. Booking Details – You can click on the driver’s name in the row to go to the driver record and you can click on the license plate to go to the vehicle record.
        • Search Here – you can enter most any search criteria here to find transaction that match the criteria. HOWEVER if an update was made to a taxi or a driver record then those changes will not appear in prior transactions. For instance, if we add a driver’s permit number to his record, searching on that driver’s permit number in the bookings details will not produce a result. Only transactions that have occurred since the change.
        • Headers – Booking #, Booking type, Operator, Passenger, phone number, Passenger name, Passenger type, Queuing area, Booking time, Pickup time, Onboard time, Dispatch time, Dispatch #, Drop off time, Completed Time, Driver name, Driver # (permit#) Driver, permit #, Company, Car Type, License plate, Pickup location/ Destination, P.O.B distance(mi), Basic fare($), Other fees($), Subtotal($), Tech fee($), Booking fee($), Tip amt($), Promo code, Promo code value($), Total amt($), Paid by
      2. Financial – Presents total financial data for the driver. Company does not work yet. Header – Date Booking # Paid by, Company, Driver, Total Fare($), Subtotal($), Tech fee($), Tip amt($), Commission($), Deduction($), Net Earning($)
      3. Booking logs – Header: booking #, driver/passenger, pickup/dropoff time, pickup/dropoff location, SHOW dispatch history – popup shows the status of that order, distance, duration, pay method, SHOW map – popup shows the map route of pickup/dropoff
    3. SETTINGS – find a vehicle and zoom into its record. Eventually, you will be able to disable a vehicle regardless of which driver assigned to it.