Earn $1 Per Taxi Referral

Be a Stay-At-Home Dispatcher (SAHD)

Even in your slippers you can earn money by taking calls from prospective passengers and entering orders into the Fwheet Stay-At-Home Dispatcher Web Portal to hail a taxi for them. Phone calls from prospective passengers to the central phone number (504) 522-9059 dial all “Stay-at-Home Dispatchers” (SAHD) simultaneously and the first to answer gets to take the transportation order. SAHDs earn commission for each successful transport and paid fare. SAHDs are able to contact both the driver and the passenger to manage the order, if necessary.

A $2 fee is added to the passenger order and $1 is credited to your account at the end of the trip for each successful transport and collected passenger fare payment. The money is automatically deposited into your bank account weekly.

The SAHD program is not expected to open until 2017.

I want to be a Stay-At-Home Dispatcher!!

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